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Your child doesn't have to struggle any longer. 


Get your teen or child the extra help they need in school!


do any of these sound familiar?

You struggle with how to help them do better in school. 

You can't help them with school because you don't know the subject well enough to teach them.

You can't help them with school because your schedule is too busy and you don't have the time. 

Your teen doesn't want you to help them. 

Your teen struggles in school, despite all the help you try to give them.

Your teen struggles to take good notes and study efficiently.

Your teen seems to be working harder with no results.

Your teen just doesn't seem to care about school, learning, or improving their grade.

Your teen wants to do well, but doesn't know how, or doesn't know the skills to perform better in school.

Does this sound like your teen?


Maybe you are like Susan, 

She knew her child needed help in school, so she would stay up late every night trying to help her child complete homework and cram for tests the next day. She would wake up exhausted, heading to work with only a few hours of sleep, only to get home to start helping with many more hours of homework. She was tired and worn out and just could not keep going on a few hours of sleep.

Maybe you are like Kristy,

She worked long hours as a single parent. She wanted to be able to help her struggling child in school, but by the time she got home from work in the evenings, it was far too late to help. She simply did not have the time at the end of the day to help her teen in the way he needed help. 

Maybe you are like Cathy,

She barely passed school herself when she attended high school. The classes were too difficult then, and she was just not able to give any help or guidance to her child. She wanted to help, but could not understand the class concepts to help her child. 

Maybe you are like Sue Anne.

She knew her child struggled in school and wanted to help her teen. She worked on projects and homework with her teen every night. But, over time, her help increased until she began doing entire projects for her teen. She was trapped in a cycle of completing every single homework, essay, and project for her teen. When her teen went off to college, she failed every single one of her classes because she had no idea how to work independently, and had none of the skills necessary for academic success. 


Your child doesn't have to struggle any longer!

Imagine if you didn't have to stay up late helping your child with their next homework assignment or project.

If you didn't have to worry if your teen will pass their next test or pass the difficult class.

If your child didn't have to come to you for help every week.

If you didn't have to hear from their teachers about how much your child is struggling. 


Imagine if your child didn't struggle in school anymore.

If your teen improved their learning skills so that they could pass their classes.

If your child had someone to go to when they have a question so that they don't have to go to you for help.

If they could stay organized so they don't ever lose homework or study notes again.

If they could improve the way they learn, and start enjoying learning again.

If they could pass their tests, and pass their classes without worry.

If they could end the struggle of learning, and start thriving in school.

This can happen for your child! Don't let your child struggle any longer! You can get them the help they need!

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Tutor on Hand (TOH) Email Program - $199 (usually $299)


VIP 1:1 Academic Mentorship - $597 (only 3 spots available)



Does your teen need a little extra help, but you can't afford a private tutor? The Tutor on Hand (TOH) email program is the perfect in between. This program provides daily support and assistance that your child needs, without the high price of a tutor. Don't get caught paying the high prices to a tutoring company. You can get daily access to a tutor for a fraction of the cost. Plus get assistance and questions answered for your child's academics!



Does your teen seriously struggle in many different subjects of academics? The one on one Academic Mentorship is the most intensive support that your child needs. It provides daily and weekly access to hands on assistance and help outside the classroom. This program includes 4 different programs in 1, in order to give your child the MOST helpful and advanced support possible. This program is so intensive that there are only 3 spots available. 

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After my teen worked with Rachael, she was able to pass her standardized tests and earn her advanced diploma!
— Marsha, mother of a Junior



tutor on hand (toh) EMAIL PROGRAM - $199 PER MONTH (USUALLY $299)

The TOH email program allows you to have access to me through help and support every single day. This program allows you to email me any questions you may have regarding ANY question and ANY topic. Your teen is allowed any 30 questions per month. Typical questions include homework questions, study questions, major projects, study skills, essay and writing help, etc. If your teen is constantly struggling in school, and is confused about how to perform better in school, then this program could be the additional support they need to improve their grades.



The one on one Academic Mentorship is 4 different programs in one. The four different programs include:

  • Weekly personal tutoring - $400 per month
    • We sit down together once a week for one on one support for any subject or topic your teen needs help in. This weekly tutoring provides your child with tangible support in the area they need most. 
  • Academic Skills support - $200
    • We learn and implement the vital skills for academic success. Once your teen knows these skills and is proficient in using these skills, they will be able to learn academics on their own, and achieve better grades. The ultimate goal with academic skills support is that your child learns the skills on their own so that they will not need a tutor again next year. 
  • Essay and Writing support - $300
    • I will work together with your teen to help them with writing assignments. This includes editing and review. For the mentorship program, this includes UNLIMITED amount of essay reviews and edits. 
  • Tutor on Hand Email support - $300
    • You and your teen are able to ask me ANY question regarding ANY topic. You will have daily access to me through email support. For the mentorship program, this includes UNLIMITED number of emails per month. 

Total value $1,200 per month


Limited Time Bonus


As a bonus, if you sign up for the Tutor On Hand Email program or the VIP 1:1 Academic Mentorship, you will get the How to Create an Organization System Online Course for your teen for FREE.  



How to Create an Organization System for your teen is an online course that teaches you how to set up an organization system for your child for school so that they can never lose homework or study notes again. After taking this course, your teen will have a full organization system that they can use daily to organize and manage their school work, homework, and class work. They will no longer lose study notes, and will be able to have the rights notes for acing the next test. 


Get the right resource for your teen!


Tutor on Hand (TOH) Email Course - $199 per month (Save $100!) 

Bonus: Get the Create an Organization System Online Course for FREE!


VIP 1:1 Academic Mentorship - $597 per month ($1,200 value!)

Bonus: Get the Create an Organization System Online Course for FREE!

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Rachael is the only tutor who took the time to get my teen organized and teach him the academic skills he needed to pass his classes.
— Sue, mother of a Sophomore



My name is Rachael and I have been a private tutor for over 10 years. I earned my undergraduate degree in 2 and a half years and earned my graduate degree by age 22, so I know some tricks for academic success. I have tutored dozens of high school students, college students, and graduate students. I LOVE tutoring teens! Why do I love helping teens? Because every teen I have ever worked with has had the deep desire to learn and do well in school. They really want to do better and make you proud! Some teens just need a little extra help and guidance!

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After my daughter worked with Rachael, she was able to have confidence in herself again. My daughter did so well in class that the other students were coming to her for help! And she shared with them what she was learning from her tutor, Rachael.
— Kathy, mother of a Senior

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Why should I join now and not wait until later?

Two Reasons.

  1. If you sign up now, you will recieve the Online Course as a bonus, that you don't want to miss out on.
  2. You don't want to wait to get your child help. Start now on improving your child's grades so that they have a better chance of raising those grades and finishing the school year well.

+ How do I know if this is a fit for me and my child?

If you are struggling with how to help your child perform better in school, then this is for you. If you are ready to show your teen or child how to learn effectively and improve grades, then this is a fit for you!

+ What is included in the VIP Academic Mentorship?

The VIP 1:1 Academic Mentorship includes 4 seperate programs:

  1. Weekly one-on-one tutoring - ($400)
  2. Tutor on Hand Email Program - ($300)
  3. Essay writing and editing support - ($300)
  4. Academic Skills support - ($200)

Total Value of $1,200.

+ What is your service guarantee?

If you are unsatisfied with any program, you can cancel at any time.

+ How long will I have access to the Online Course?

You will have lifetime access to the course. Your access never expires. And you will recieve all future course updates.

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This offer expires soon!