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Essential Skills for Academic Success Program


Your child doesn't have to struggle in school any longer!


Get your teen the help they need with ACADEMIC SKILLS TRAINING with an academic mentor.


Let’s face it! Your teen has been struggling with academics for a while now!

And you have been struggling with how to help them. In fact, every day seems like another struggle.

  • You get home, exhausted after a long day at work, only to find that your teen needs help with their next homework assignment.

  • You spend hours and hours every night working together on homework and essays, only for them to get another poor grade.

  • You spend hours studying for the test the next day, only for them to fail another test.

  • You wonder why your teen has such low grades, even when you see them working hard every day.

  • You are exhausted and tired of spending another late night finishing up a project last minute.

  • You feel worn out from trying all the different ways to help your child study better.

  • You have asked yourself “Should I get them a tutor?”

And you know that your teen needs extra help, but that you can NOT afford a tutor for the rest of the school year!

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After my teen worked with Rachael, she was able to pass her standardized tests and earn her advanced diploma!
— Marcia, mother of a Junior

I have been a tutor for over 10 years, and I have personally tutored dozens of high school students, college students, and graduate students. And EVERY student I have met has NOT struggled in school because they were not smart or because they were just lazy, but because they did not have the right skills for academic success!

I realized that high school students could save their parents thousands of dollars each year on tutoring, JUST by learning the right skills they needed for academic success.

And since I believe that YOU should not have to pay thousands of dollars every year, I want to help your teen learn the Essential Skills for Academic Success!

Your teen does not need a tutor! Instead, your TEEN needs someone to teach them how to learn, so that your child will have the skills to teach themselves!

What if your teen could teach themselves, without needing a tutor to teach them? Your child could . . .

  • Learn the school concepts instead of struggling to understand.

  • Spend less hours studying the night before a test.

  • Remember the answers for the next test they prepared for.

  • Finally do well on homework grades, and test grades.

  • Earn all A’s and B’s on their next report card.

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Rachael is the only tutor that took the time to get my child organized and to teach him the academic skills he needed to pass his classes
— Sue, Mother of Sophmore

Introducing the academic program you have been looking for: Essential Skills for Academic Success!


The Essential Skills for Academic Success is an online program where your child will learn how to transform the way they learn in school.

You’ll learn the exact lessons that I teach all my private clients that has helped them go from almost failing grades to an A/B student.

You’ll understand what “apply yourself” really means, and how to do it successfully.

This is NOT just a personal tutor! A personal tutor may help a student with learning a subject, but then that student will need the tutor for months to come! This program is specifically designed to teach your teen to NOT need a personal tutor! So you will not be spending high prices on a tutor throughout the rest of the year.

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  • 6 Academic Skills training lessons to teach your child the essential skills for school to help them achieve academic success

  • Workbooks for each live lesson to include worksheets, templates, guides, and trackers

  • Worksheets, Trackers, Calendars, Printables, and more downloads

  • Lifetime Access to watch all the lessons again and again, at your convenience

  • And even More!


Let’s break it down even further...

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  • Module One - Study Skills

  • Module Two - Learning Styles

  • Module Three - Organization

  • Module Four - Note Taking

  • Module Five - Motivation

  • Module Six - Self Advocacy

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After my daughter worked with Rachael, she was able to have confidence in herself again. My daughter did so well in class that the other students were coming to her for help! And she shared with them what she was learning from her tutor, Rachael.
— Kathy, mother of a Senior

Essential Skills for Academic Success Program!


What it includes:

  • 6 Academic Skills Trainings

  • Workbooks for each session

  • Worksheets, calendars, trackers, and printable

  • Lifetime access to watch again year after year

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Working with Rachael one on one was the best investment I made for my teen.
— Karen, Mother of Freshman



What’s Included:

  • 6 Academic Skills Trainings

  • Workbooks for each session

  • Worksheets, calendars, trackers, and printable

  • Lifetime access to watch again year after year

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My name is Rachael and I have been a private tutor for over 10 years. I earned my undergraduate degree in 2 and a half years and earned my graduate degree by age 22, so I know some tricks for academic success. I have tutored dozens of high school students, college students, and graduate students. I LOVE tutoring teens! Why do I love helping teens? Because every teen I have ever worked with has had the deep desire to learn and do well in school. They really want to do better and make you proud! Some teens just need a little extra help and guidance!

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Frequently Asked Questions


+ What age is this Program for?

The ESAS Program is for students in Middle School through High School, ages 10 to 18.

+ How do I know if this is a fit for me and my child?

If you are struggling with how to help your child perform better in school, then this is for you. If you are ready to show your teen or child how to learn effectively and improve grades, then this is a fit for you!

+ How long will I have access to the Essentail Skills for Academic Success Program?

You will have lifetime access to the video trainings. Your access never expires. You can rewatch the videos at your conveneience, again and again.

+ What if my child is not in High School? Can they still join?

Perfect! I encourage all students to join in Middle School! If your Middle Schooler can perfect these academic skills before they enter into High School, then they will do much better in their academics when entering High School.