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Setting Up an Organization System for your Teen

All high school students must have an organization system in place for all their school related documents. But many students that are struggling in school, do not have any type of organization system set in place.

Their view of “organized” is shoving every school assignment or school notes into their backpack, never to be seen again. These students earn more bad grades due to lost homework than due to lack of effort.


So many students do this! They shove their important documents on the “top” of the pile in their backpacks, and wonder why they can’t find it later.

One student that I tutored had this type of non-organization system. During one tutoring session, we worked on a homework assignment. At our next session, I asked him how he did on the assignment, and he replied casually, “I lost it”.


I was shocked! I was shocked not only because he did not turn it in, but because he did not seem to care that he received a Failing grade for that assignment, or that he did not understand the significance that grade had on his overall grade.

I could not believe that, after the hours we spent on the assignment together, and the hard-earned money his parents spent hiring a private tutor, he would just lose it in his backpack.

That was the last time he ever shoved anything casually into his backpack. That very night I set him up with an organization system.

Create an organization system

Most students do not have an organization system because they do not know how to get organized or stay organized. Everything needs its own folder, file, or binder to have a system where nothing is ever lost. 

So what needs to be saved: EVERYTHING.

  • Class work

  • Homework

  • Class notes

  • Class handouts

  • Text book notes

  • Graded assignments

  • Study notes

  • Study guides

  • All assignments

  • All study material

Everything must have its own place. Setting up a system that works for your student can be quick and painless. I recommend using, folders, files, binders, and notebooks. Color coding notebooks also helps.

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I have students ask me why it is necessary to keep everything. Some students feel like it is unnecessary to keep all documents because they do not know why they will need it in the future.

My simple answer is: You never know when you might need it.

From my own experience, I kept every document, and it has always been to my benefit.

One example (out of many), towards the end of the year, I was reviewing my grades with a teacher when I noticed a homework assignment was marked 54%. I knew this was wrong because I never failed a homework assignment. So instead of arguing and telling him how wrong he was, I simply retrieved the graded paperwork from my binder, and showed him that he marked the assignment with a 94%. The teacher had simply written down the wrong grade. But if I had not saved that graded document, I would have had no way of proving that he was wrong.

Hey, teachers are human too. We all make mistakes. That is why it is so important to save everything!


The next must have for getting organized is having a pen pouch.

Why a pen pouch?

For most students that are disorganized, or shove everything into their backpack, it is common for them to show up to class and cannot find their only pencil in the bottom of their bag. They dig and dig, but their pencil is hidden in the bottom with their missing homework assignment.

So not only have they lost their assignment, but now they appear unprepared for class.

What to keep in your organized pen pouch:

  • Black pens

  • Blue pens

  • Pencils with eraser

  • A few extra pens and pencils for other unprepared students (because they always ask to borrow but never return)

  • A few color pencils. Have around 4 colors for studying notes later.

  • Highlighters

Having and using these supplies will help with memory retention while studying later. (For example, underling important facts, and highlighting important words or concepts.)


What is a study zone? A study zone is an area in your home where your student can focus to study, review, and complete assignments without any noise interference or distraction.

Once your student gets organized and has a fully functional organization system in place, they will be able to use this daily, and will become a habit over time.

I know plenty of teachers that have students that claim, “I did the assignment at home, but now I can’t find it”. For these teachers, their first reaction is: “Yeah right! Not only are you lazy, but now you are lying about it”. Some teachers will prejudge based on the student’s poor grades.

Do not let this be your student. Set up an organization system for them today!

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