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5 Part Simple Series for Academic Success


In this 5 Part Simple Series, we are discussing the simple steps you can take to help your teen perform better in school, without spending thousands of dollars on a private tutor.

This month, I am detailing the easiest and simplest solutions for parents to help their teens in school. I want to show parents that you do not need any complicated learning method, nor spending thousands on a private tutor. There are a few simple and easy steps you can implement today in order to see real changes in your teens learning and improvements in their grades. 



What is the Simple Series?

I have outlined, in 5 simple steps, the quickest and most effective ways to impact your child's grade. If your teen is failing in school, and needs to turn their grades around, there are a few simple strategies you can implement today to see rapid results. 

These strategies can be used immediately, and will create a new habit within your child towards working harder in the right way, in order to see real results. 

Why the Simple Series?

Many parents see their children struggle in school, and feel stuck in how to help them. These parents hire private tutors for their teens, because they cannot afford to fail a class with only a few years left in high school.

It can cost upwards of $5,000 or more for a full year of private tutoring. 

Many parents feel the huge financial burden of a tutor, or or worse, they feel trapped because they cannot afford a tutor for their teens. 

Your teen may not need a private tutor!

Wait! Stop! Don't get a private tutor just yet!

There are a few skills and strategies you can teach your teen that can turn your child's grade around. 

Before you worry about whether your teen needs a private tutor, read the 5 Simple Steps you can take in order help your teen improve their grades. 

Part 1: Create the Perfect Study Zone for your Teen

Part 2: Get Free Tutoring Assistance

Part 3: The Power of the 5 Minute Review

Part 4: Homework Hacks for a Better Grade

Part 5: How to Get Your Teen Organized


Each part in the Simple Series has additional resources for you to download for free to help you implement the new strategy. 




How are your child's grades? Could they use some extra strategies to help them turn their grades around? Let me know about your teen and how these strategies worked for them!