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Back to School Supply List for your High School Teen

As August is halfway over, many of you are taking your last summer road trips and final family vacations. And whether you are happy that the kids are going back to school, or sad that the summer has ended, it is now time to face the fact that school will be starting soon.

For some parts of the country, school has already begun. (Which sounds crazy early to me!)

With the start of a new school year can come excitement for the new school year, or dreading the more difficult classes. Either way, you can make sure to prepare your teen or preteen with the right school supplies. 


Back-to-School shopping

Each year, you have the oh-so-wonderful opportunity to take your kids back to school shopping for the right gear and supplies they will need to start the year off on the right foot.

Every year, parents gather their delightful children and head to the store, spend WAY too many hours finding the "just right" supplies, waiting in long lines behind other tired families, and head home after a very long day of shopping.

If you have ever tried this with your kids, then you know that back-to-school shopping sucks!

I personally hate how long it takes, and having to wait in long lines! I much prefer buying my supplies online, and saving myself a wasted day at the store. Plus, shipping costs are about the same as the gas you spent on going to the store. Not to mention, I now have a full day to be more productive doing other things!

If you can relate, then I have the shopping list that is quick, easy, and painless.  

There really is only 3 types of important supplies your teen needs for high school: supplies for organization, for note taking, and the right technology.

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Dry erase monthly calendar and Dry Erase Markers

This is awesome! I have one and I love to use it. It keeps me on track with all my important dates and reminders. 

A binder

Binder tab dividers

Day planner, to track all assignments

Post-it Notes

Folders, one per class

Desk Calendar 


Note Taking

Pencils or Mechanical Pencils


Erasable Color pens

Color Pencils

Multi color pens

Notebooks, one for each class

Black and blue pens


The Tech

An advanced calculator for high school math. This one or this one.

A kindle E-reader. This one or this one

This one is pretty important. Every year, your teen will be given reading assignments. So you usually have a few options. The first is to check out if the book is at your local library. Like always, the book you need is never available. The next step is to buy the book new or used. Used is cheaper, but you never really know what condition it's in. New can sometimes be expensive, THEN you have to wait for the book to be shipped to you. OR you can buy the kindle version of the book for very cheap compared to the physical book, and get it instantly.

Throughout your child's high school and college career, they will frequently need to buy books. So it is a great investment for your child. You can get any E-reader, but I recommend a Kindle just because I absolutely love mine and use it every day!  

USB Flash Drive, or this one.

Why a flash drive you may ask? In high school, some teachers will ask students to submit large assignments via email. (assignments like 20 page reports that they don't want to have 100 pounds in graded paper). I have seen students that email teachers, but the teachers never received the assignments. The teachers response is "if I never received it, then you never submitted it".

Always have a backup! Bring the flash drive just in case!

Flash drives are also perfect for group projects. I always get a couple because they tend to get lost (from personal experience). 

A good working computer. This one, this one, or this one

Since computers are SO important to your child's academic performance (for their research and writing), it's likely that your teen already has one. But if they need a new one, get one now before the start of school. 

Don't buy the cheapest computer out there! I did that and am really regretting it. Cheap computers do not last long before they get slow and almost unusable! Needing a computer repair every few months really sucks! And destroys your productivity! The more you invest in a good computer, the longer it will last you. 


This list is everything I needed for a successful academic career. You don't have to buy your supplies here, but if you hate spending all day shopping at a store, then this list is for you!!