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Concerned You Chose The Wrong Path? Here’s What To Do

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We all make mistakes. Some of them are less important than others. But most of the time, they can all be fixed - or things work out for the best. However, when it comes to school or college or trying to find the best possible career for you, if you feel like you’re on the wrong path, it can seem like the end of the world. But it’s not. Because it’s absolutely okay to be a college or career chameleon. You can change or go back or redo things and get it right. You just have to not worry so much, take back control of the situation, and move forward. Still a little scared or not sure how you’re going to do it? Read on.

Accept The Situation

To start with, it’s essential that you’re able to just accept the situation. Don’t try to fight it or convince yourself otherwise. Because if you’re worried that you’ve made the wrong choice, then that feeling isn’t there for fun. You know yourself and what’s right for you. So take your thoughts serious and accept that it’s time to do something about it.


Talk To Someone

But then also, you need to make sure that you actually talk about it. Don’t be tempted to bottle things up. Talk to your parents or a friend or a college counselor. Or if you’re in work, maybe a career specialist. Just talk about it and make your concerns known. This is often the first step in then going on to make a change.

Find The Right Path

The next thing to do here is to then make sure that you can find the right path to be on. Sometimes, you’ll know. You’ll know that there’s something you should be doing instead of what you are right now. But you might not. You may just know that where you are right now, isn’t quite right. So think about what you love to do and what skills you have. This can often point you in the right direction.


Build Yourself Up

And then, from here, you need to make the changes necessary to get back onto the right path. Do you need to change your courses or change schools? Do you need to go back to school or do something such as SCFFS here? Think about the steps you need to take to get the skills you need. It doesn’t have to be scary, just create a plan of action and know where you need to start. Then get started.

Work On Your Experience

Finally, there’s the fun part - building up your experience. From interning to blogging, getting a placement at a company or a job offer, this is what you’re aiming for. And you need to make sure that you can add experience to your resume so that you’re able to get onto the right path. So network. Get your name out there. Make your intentions known. And just have fun with it. Because this is what you’ve worked for - what you made the change for - and it’s time to enjoy it.



Hey there! My name is Rachael and I have been a private tutor for over 10 years. I earned my undergraduate degree in 2 and a half years and earned my graduate degree by age 22. I have tutored dozens of high school students, college students, and graduate students. I offer my resources and experience to help parents learn how to best help their teen or child that is struggling in school.