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The Roller Coaster Ride Of College

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Life is like a roller coaster, and some of the biggest loops most definitely happen during the time spent at college. As amazing as it is to have the experience of going to college and having fun, there are a lot of times that really will leave you stressed out, wishing you could turn back time and quit, and hoping that the journey will end more than ever. But then you’ll have those times where you can’t imagine your time outside of college, because the people you meet there are truly some of the best people that you could ever meet in your life. So, college most definitely is a roller coaster ride that we don’t think you should get off any time soon, and we want to give you a few ways that will ensure you get the most out of the experience. Read on and explore this roller coaster ride with us.


The Common Stresses You’ll Face

It’s no secret that sometimes, you’ll be more stressed out than you have ever been in your life, and probably will be in the future. It’s easy to let the stress get the better of you, especially during exams and finals week. This is where stress peaks, but we have one good solution for you, and that’s to take your time. Studying for exams is only stressful when you do it a few weeks before, rather than a few months before. The more time you leave yourself to get that knowledge deep into your brain, the better you’re going to feel. We also think you should rely heavily on the people around you. College can be a pretty lonely time if you don’t make friends, but if you do you won’t realize what a support network you have around you. If you move away for college, like people such as Stephen Troese Jr have, then it’s even more important to create that support network early on. If you can do this with people studying the same course as you, studying and exams will become so much easier because you can share knowledge and review together!

The Experiences You Should Embrace

College will give you many great experiences, and the best of all is the many teams and societies that you can join. If you do, and you embrace them, you’ll find that your whole college life will be based around them. Whether you’d be interested in sports or math, there’s generally a team for that! The friends you make within them, and the journey they could take you on will be better than anything you’ve done in your life before.

Life After College

Finally, depending on how far into your college journey you are, you might not have thought about life after college. If you want to make the end of your roller coaster ride plain and simple, we definitely would recommend thinking about, and exploring your options whilst you can! The earlier you do it, the more prepared you’re going to be.


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