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What is an Academic Mentor

For many many years, I have been a tutor. I have held plenty of different full time jobs, but always came back to tutoring as my side hustle, because I enjoy it. 

For me, tutoring has always been fun because I love working one-on-one with a student, and seeing them have excitement over learning when they finally understand what they have been struggling with.

For over 10 years, I have tutored students ranging from high school to graduate school in almost every different subject. I have worked for tutoring companies, and worked with private clients. 

I used to work a corporate job, and was satisfied to "climb the corporate ladder". But everything changed when I became a mom. I started to think about what I wanted for my child, and what example I was setting for her. I decided I want her to be happy over wealthy. I want her to follow her dreams, joys, and passions. 

Then I realized I was not setting that example for her. I was settling for a job that I didn't like, because it made good money, and had the potential to make even more money. When I decided that I would rather be a model for my daughter, I quit my job to pursue my love for education as a tutor.


What is a tutor?

Being a personal tutor has been wonderful for me. With tutoring, I get to work in depth with just one student to help them learn in the way they learn and understand best. But over the many years that I have tutored, I began to see a pattern in the struggles and difficulties of my students. 

Every student that struggled in a subject or topic lacked certain academic skills necessary to learning and success. For example, they did not turn in homework, they took poor notes, they performed poorly on tests even when they studied, and they studied for a short time without knowing enough information. 

These skills, which are difficult for many students to learn, are the important skills necessary for academic success. I realized, for these students, their problems was not in lack of understanding, but lack of having these and using these academic skills. 

So when I have a personal tutoring client, not only do we go over the subject they are struggling with, but I also work with them to learn these academic skills that they lack.

What is an Academic Mentor?

I have decided that with every student I work with, I will make sure they know and understand these essential skills for academic success, which is why I will be an academic mentor instead of just a tutor.

A tutor teaches just the subject the student needs help with, but an academic mentor teaches the whole student. An academic mentor teaches the essential skills for academic success so that the student can have these skills for future success, and not need a tutor for future classes. 

Essentially, an academic mentor teaches a student all that you need to know so that you do not need me in the future. And if your child learns to thrive without me, then I have done my job well!

So if you are debating whether or not to get your child a tutor, find someone that is willing to teach them these skills so that you will not need a tutor next year!

Where to find an Academic Mentor?

There are 3 different ways to find an academic mentor for your teen.

1. Work with me! I am an academic mentor that can work with you and your teen. I help both parents and teens on learning academic skills, improving learning, and improving grades! If you are interested in working with me, click here for more information!

2. Find a tutor that is willing to work with your child on these essential skills. Most tutors are successful with these skills and are able to help your teen. I'm sure a local tutor would be more than happy to work with your teen on these skills.

3. Work with your child's teachers. Teachers are able to help your child learn these skills. Because teachers are on a strict teaching schedule in class, they do not have time to go over academic skills. That is why you might need to ask teachers to work with your student after class, or after school, to help your child learn these skills. 


Ultimately, you need to find someone that is able to help your teen learn these academic skills so that they can learn on their own without the need of a tutor in the future!



My name is Rachael and I have been a private tutor for over 10 years. I earned my undergraduate degree in 2 and a half years and earned my graduate degree by age 22. I have tutored dozens of high school students, college students, and graduate students. I offer my resources and experience to help parents learn how to best help their teen or child that is struggling in school.