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How to tell if your teen is lazy in school (Take the Quiz!)

How to tell if your teen is lazy in school (Take the Quiz!)

Many parents come to me asking for me to tutor their teen. These teens are struggling in school, and parents don't know how to help them. 

These teens are smart, but part of the problem is that they are just a tad bit lazy.

Lazy? My teen?! How could you say that?!

I know, I know! Shocking!

It can be hard for some parents to picture their teens academic problems as laziness because they see how involved and dedicated their child is at many other extra curricular activities and groups. 

If you are a parent whose teen may struggle in school, you may not think your teen is lazy because you see them working hard at an after school job, or sports, or house chores, or leadership position, or church groups, or volunteer position. You know how busy their schedule is, and know you raised a child with a strong work ethic. So how can this active and involved teen be lazy?

New Year, New Student!

New Year, New Student!

A new school year can bring many emotions for students. Some may feel excited for a new year. But many students that struggle in school may feel anxious and overwhelmed if they have poor or failing grades from the previous semester or quarter.

For these students, it may be hard to help them turn their grades around. So how can we, as parents, help our teens go from failing to flourishing? 

January Giveaway: Academic Improvement Package ($233 Value)

January Giveaway: Academic Improvement Package ($233 Value)

Welcome to 2018 my friend! 

It is already January and most of us are looking for extra ways we can help our kids improve their grades for the second half of the school year. 

Has your teen excelled in the first half of the year? Or do they need to buckle down and focus on bringing those grades back up to finish the year strong?

If your teen is struggling to bring their grades back up, I have put together a package of goodies just for you!!

Back-to-School 5 Day Challenge!

Back-to-School 5 Day Challenge!

No matter what type of learner your teen is, you can always prepare them for a great start to another school year. With proper preparation, your teen can have the tools necessary to take on any class, no matter the difficulty level!!

What is the 5 Day Challenge?

The Back to School 5 Day Challenge is for parents of teens and preteens that are preparing to start another school year (or have just started the new year). 

This Challenge will help you prepare your child with the right tools, systems, and habits to start the new school year strong, and have high grades from Week 1. 

Many students may start a year strong, but quickly fall behind with their grades by the end of the first quarter. It's only after students are struggling in a class that some parents find help for their kids. 

You can help your child right now by learning how to help them from the very first academic quarter!!

Back to School Supply List for your High School Teen

Back to School Supply List for your High School Teen

As August is halfway over, many of you are taking your last summer road trips and final family vacations. And whether you are happy that the kids are going back to school, or sad that the summer has ended, it is now time to face the fact that school will be starting soon.

For some parts of the country, school has already begun. (Which sounds crazy early to me!)

With the start of a new school year can come excitement for the new school year, or dreading the more difficult classes. Either way, you can make sure to prepare your teen or preteen with the right school supplies. 

FREE Summer Writing Workbook for your teen

FREE Summer Writing Workbook for your teen

Does your teen have real plans for this summer? Or do they plan to lounge on the couch, eating nachos and playing video games all summer?

If that sounds more like your kid, then there is one major thing you need to plan for this summer, and that is . . . 

Preventing Summer Brain Drain

Summer Brain Drain can also be called the Summer Slide. This simply means that if your teen or preteen has nothing to mentally challenge them this summer, they are likely to fall behind for the start of the next school year. 

How is that? During the school year, your kid is constantly overly challenged to keep up with their learning, school, and high grades. Then all of a sudden, school lets out for summer break, and they have nothing to mentally challenge them ALL. SUMMER. LONG! Which means they slowly start to forget many of the things they learned and achieved the past school year. 


For the summer, it is important to let your teens and preteens have some sort of weekly academic challenge. 

Now, I'm not talking about doing an entire home school curriculum for your kid over the summer! A summer break is meant to be enjoyed! Plus your teen only has very few years left to enjoy a summer break.

I'm talking about just a little bit of weekly academics to help prevent the "Summer Brain Drain". 

And since I am so passionate about your child's academics and learning, I wanted to provide for you a resource that you can use throughout the whole summer!

So, just for you, I have created a Summer Writing Workbook.

This Workbook is free to download and use each week.

Why your teen needs a summer job

Why your teen needs a summer job

Summer is the best time for teens to get a job and earn some money! With no more time commitments from school, they have the freedom to work as long and as hard as their little hearts desire!

But many teens and parents face challenges with summer jobs.

Challenges like

- How can my teen find a summer job?

- How can my teen get hired when they are competing with college students for the same jobs?

- my teen doesn't want to work

- How can my teen get a job if we have summer plans?

Great questions!

I will discuss how to overcome these challenges, explain why it is so important for your teen to have a summer job, and list the best summer jobs for your teen.

The Ultimate Teen Summer Reading List

The Ultimate Teen Summer Reading List

many parents fear that their children and teens will “loose what they learned” over the summer break, or regress over the summer so that the start of the next school year will be a struggle.

One way to help keep your child mentally sharp is by encouraging summer reading.

Reading is soooo important!! Reading is one of those lifelong skills that we all need to learn at a young age. That is why it is so important to teach our kids to love to read as young as possible!

That is why I provide the epic list of summer reading for teens that all High School’s require, and the four steps HOW to teach your teen to love to read.