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FREE Summer Writing Workbook for your teen


Summer is here! And the time is right! . . . . (for dancin in the street) :D

Most schools have already let out for the summer, and you and your family might be getting ready for some big summer plans! 

Do your summer plans include traveling, vacations, visiting family? (Or just more work?) 

I have some super exciting summer plans! (Details below)

Does your teen have real plans for this summer? Or do they plan to lounge on the couch, eating nachos and playing video games all summer?

If that sounds more like your kid, then there is one major thing you need to plan for this summer, and that is . . . 

Preventing Summer Brain Drain

Summer Brain Drain can also be called the Summer Slide. This simply means that if your teen or preteen has nothing to mentally challenge them this summer, they are likely to fall behind for the start of the next school year. 

How is that? During the school year, your kid is constantly overly challenged to keep up with their learning, school, and high grades. Then all of a sudden, school lets out for summer break, and they have nothing to mentally challenge them ALL. SUMMER. LONG! Which means they slowly start to forget many of the things they learned and achieved the past school year. 


For the summer, it is important to let your teens and preteens have some sort of weekly academic challenge. 

Now, I'm not talking about doing an entire home school curriculum for your kid over the summer! A summer break is meant to be enjoyed! Plus your teen only has very few years left to enjoy a summer break.

I'm talking about just a little bit of weekly academics to help prevent the "Summer Brain Drain". 

And since I am so passionate about your child's academics and learning, I wanted to provide for you a resource that you can use throughout the whole summer!

So, just for you, I have created a Summer Writing Workbook.

This Workbook is free to download and use each week.


What is the Summer Writing Workbook?

This workbook provides weekly writing prompts for your teen. Each week they may choose from one of three questions to write about. They can choose from Fun, Inspirational, and Challenger questions. There is even a recommended difficulty level for each grade level.

The Summer Writing Workbook is designed specifically for all teens and preteens, ages 10 to 19. 

There is even a suggested reading list to help your teen build reading as a habit this summer.

This workbook is a 12 week program intended to last the entire summer so that your teen is fully prepared for the following school year! 

But, most importantly, this workbook is intended to be fun!! I want your child to learn to enjoy the writing process, without fear of judgement or poor grades!


I originally intended to sell this workbook for $20, but because I don't want money to be a barrier to providing this resource to everyone, I just want you to have it for free. More than anything, I want your teen to have the resources and tools to equip them for better learning, better writing, and ultimately for better grades at the start of the next school year.

So please grab your free copy for your teen below!

This Workbook took me 20+ hours to create, so you know it was made with love!!


What are my summer plans?? I'm glad you asked! I will be having a baby in just a few short weeks! (I would show you all a picture of a growing baby bump, but I am past the "too cute" phase, and onto the "beached whale" phase.) :D So our summer will be packed with excitement! (and sleepless nights!) Thank you for being a part of my tutoring family and sharing in this exciting time with me!!