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PART 1: Create the Perfect Study Zone for your Teen

Here's the problem with most teens that are struggling in school: unfocused, unmotivated, and lack of interest. 

All of these problems are difficult to correct or adjust, especially in a teenager. 

So the way to fix this is by nagging and pestering about homework, or reading all the teen books written by doctors. Right?


Many teens that struggle in school may suffer in ways they can't explain, that translates as lazy, unfocused, or unmotivated. Ways they may suffer may include lack of understanding in a subject, or not knowing the basic skills for academic success, such as study skills, note taking skills, or organization skills.

Many parents want to know how they can help their teen perform better in school. They search high and low for the most complicated answer that will magically fix their teen. 

But the solution to greater success may be simpler than you think. 

I am going to tackle the simplest solutions to teen struggles in this 5 part series in order to help YOU, the parent, learn how to best help your teen. (Because, let's be honest, high school can be hardest on parents!)

In Part 1 of this series, I will be explaining how to create the perfect study zone for your teen, and why it is so important to have a study zone!


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What is a Study Zone?

A study zone is an area in the home that your teen can go to complete homework, work on projects, and study for upcoming tests. In essence, it is a desk or work station that is solely dedicated for the teen to work.

Many students who may struggle in school do not take much consideration about where they complete their homework and schoolwork assignments. They may finish schoolwork in front of the television, or in a noisy room with lots of distractions. (Siblings in the room playing, dog barking, music playing). This is NOT conducive to learning, nor will it benefit them in their education.

The study zone should include:

  • desk for working, and not for relaxing or playing
  • free from all noise and distraction, such as television or radio on in the next room, or screaming siblings down the hall
  • electronics free, which means no cell phones, computers, tablets, etc. Although some electronics may be necessary for research or writing, they should not be permanently present as this will create a distraction from work
  • no music playing. Many students that like to listen to music while they work or study believe that their music helps them unwind after school. But music mostly just creates a distraction from learning. All music should be turned off (and electronics put away).
  • a peaceful, calm environment where your teen can focus
  • should include all necessary supplies, such as paper, pencils, calculator, highlighters, flashcards, etc.
  • a comfortable chair that your teen can sit and work for several hours (but not too comfy that they want to fall asleep)
  • Room to post up their assignments calendar so they can see which assignments are due next. (I recommend posting the calendar right on the wall they are facing). 


This study zone is not meant to be an area where anyone goes to relax or have fun. Your teen is not meant to goof off and waste time. It is only a place for them to buckle down and get work done, distraction free.

The benefits of a study zone

The best part of a study zone is that once your teen starts working at their desk or study zone consistently, they will create the mind set that this study zone or work area is only for work.

What does that mean?

It means that right when your teen sits down for school work or studying, their brain will go into "work mode", just by being in the new work environment. This means that your teen will be able to focus more on work right from the start. Which means less time is wasted on day dreaming, goofing off, and wasting time. Which means they will be able to complete more work in less time.


This means that your teen will be able to focus more on work right from the start. Which means less time is wasted on day dreaming, goofing off, and wasting time. Which means they will be able to complete more work in less time.


If your teen does not currently have a study zone, I highly recommend that you and your teen create one today as part of their new education system to help them perform better in school. 


Where does your teen currently study or do homework? Is it in front of the tv or with loud music? Leave a comment to let me know!