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PART 2: Get Free Tutoring Assistance

5 Part Simple Series

In this 5 Part Simple Series, we are discussing the simple steps you can take to help your teen perform better in school, without spending thousands of dollars on a private tutor.

This month, I am detailing the easiest and simplest solutions for parents to help their teens in school. I want to show parents that you do not need any complicated learning method, nor spending thousands on a private tutor. There are a few simple and easy steps you can implement today in order to see real changes in your teens learning and improvements in their grades. 

In Part 2 of this series, I want to reveal how you can get FREE tutoring help.

That's right! Fo' Free!

Is it me you ask? (Close. There is free help besides me. Although you know I am always here for you!)

The free assistance and tutoring help you can find every week is from . . . (drum roll please) . . . your teachers!


If you missed a part in the series, and would like to catch up, here are the articles. 

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So your teen needs weekly help in their classes, right?

Their homework takes them hours, and their studying can become overwhelming.

So why not take advantage of the free help that is available to you?

But how can your teen's teachers offer you free tutoring?

Most teachers have office hours after school, in which they have to stay and work extra hours, (which is fine because teachers have hours of grading to do each night. At least these hours they will get paid for).

So when a teacher has office hours after school, usually for an hour or two, they are also able to spend time answering student's questions. 

For example, a teacher may say "My office hours are one extra hour after school every Tuesday and Thursday. You may come after school and ask me questions at these times".

Since so many students just want to go home after school, not many students stay after school to utilize this teacher assistance.

What does this mean for your teen? If the teacher does not have any other students to assist, then the teacher is available for one-on-one assistance for your teen.

One-on-one assistance!

Many parents pay big bucks for that personal and individualized time with their teen! (but even if there is a few other students, your teen will still have very quality assistance from the teacher!)

Now what you need to do is to take advantage of every opportunity your teen has to get this assistance from his or her teachers.


Why do teachers make the best tutors?

1. Your teen's teacher knows exactly what they need to study for. If your teen goes after school for studying help on the next test, the teacher will know exactly which topics your teen needs to study. The teacher will even guide your teen to study the exact questions for the upcoming test. Studying just one hour with the teacher can eliminate time wasted studying other topics that might not even be on the test.

2. Your teen's teacher will see the effort and work your teen is putting into their homework and studying. If a teacher thinks that a student is lazy, they will be much less inclined to help them with their grades. However, if the teacher knows your student is hard working, they will be much more likely to help out if grades are slipping. 

For example, teachers may work with hard working students by giving extra credit, or test retakes. (I have seen it happen many times!)

Action Plan

Step One: Find out when the teachers have office hours. 

Have your teen ask every teacher (or every teacher in the classes he or she is struggling in) when they have after school office hours. Make sure your teen writes it down for future reference. Even if it is only once a week, that is free quality time!

If a teacher says they do not have after school hours, have your teen ask if the teacher would be willing to help them study for the upcoming test. This may result in weekly, or even semi monthly, study session with their teacher. 

Step Two: Schedule it!

I love schedules! It's fun to write everything down and keep track of all events and activities! (I would go crazy if I didn't write everything down. . . . wait. Sometimes I still go crazy)


Get a calendar for your teen and write down the date and times that your teen will be with each teacher. Schedule that stuff down or your teen might think they can get out of it! 

If your teen needs a calendar of their own, here is a free printable calendar for them to use. 

Make sure your teen knows their knew schedule and that they are expected to go to the "free tutoring assistance" with their teacher until their grades are back at an acceptable level. 

Step Three: Sit back and Relax!

Pshh! Yeah right!

When your teen is able to do homework and studying at school with the teacher, it will free up your time so that you do not have to spend hours each night helping your teen. The teacher already did that work for you!

So you can get that extra time back to yourself to do all the things we parents gotta do!


So Simple!

Free teacher assistance made it in the 5 Part Simple Series because it is so easy, and saves parents lots of time, to let teens work and study under the guidance and assistance of the teachers assigning the work. 

Save time! Get back your afternoons! And most importantly. don't spend thousands of dollars on a private tutor when your teen's teacher can do the hard part for you!!


How well does your teen or preteen learn with one-on-one instructions? Which classes does your teen need to meet with the teacher? Leave a comment below letting me know about your teen!