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PART 3: The Power of the 5 Minute Review

5 Part Simple Series

In this 5 Part Simple Series, we are discussing the simple steps you can take to help your teen perform better in school, without spending thousands of dollars on a private tutor.

This month, I am detailing the easiest and simplest solutions for parents to help their teens in school. I want to show parents that you do not need any complicated learning method, nor spending thousands on a private tutor. There are a few simple and easy steps you can implement today in order to see real changes in your teens learning and improvements in their grades. 

Part 3 in our Simple Series is: the 5 minute review.

Does your teen spend hours and hours studying the day before a test? Trying to cram all that information in at the last minute does not really make a good learning environment. Nor does it help with your teens long term learning and knowledge base. (meaning they will forget it before the end of the semester). 

Or do you spend hours each night studying with your teen so they will be fully prepared for the next test?

Or worse! Did your teen stay up late, or all night, studying for a test in the morning? Resulting in a lack of sleep, resulting in poor memory function, resulting in poorer performance on that early morning test! (Sometimes sleep is better than studying)

Both of these cramming methods can be so time consuming, and energy draining. Especially when your teen has weekly tests they need to prepare for. 


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The Cram and Dump

Many teens have perfected this little study method. The cram and dump is when students cram all night for a test, then after they take the test, they forget ALL the information they just studied. They "dump" all the information in order to focus on the next cram and dump study session.

I had perfected the "cram and dump" in high school. I would cram lots of information into my short term memory. Then after I Aced the test the next day, i would completely forget everything I had learned.

I would forget it so completely that I couldn't answer a single question from the test correctly the very next day after the test. My mind was already focused on doing well on the next test, where I would again cram and dump again.

This learning method is horrible!!

My teachers would have been shocked if they had known how little information I knew! No student should ever, ever do this if they want real learning, and real academic success. 

"No student should ever, ever "cram and dump" if they want real learning and real academic success" 

Am I ashamed TO admit this?

No WAY! Not if it helps you and your child learn how to correctly study, and avoid making my mistake!

There is one study method that saves time, energy, and sleep, and will result in REAL learning for future success.


The 5 Minute Review

You may be thinking, "but my kid can't review for only 5 minutes and be ready for the test"

Sure they can! If they study at the right times!

How it works

Reviewing for only a few minutes a day can be more beneficial toward long term learning than studying for hours a night. 

For the 5 minute review to work, your student will need to review their notes at the end of the school day for 5 minutes, and at the beginning of the day before they head out to school. (They do take notes, don't they?)

By reviewing all their class notes at the end of the day, it keeps the information fresh in their mind, and even saves it towards long term memory. 

Same with reviewing 5 minutes before school in the morning. By just reviewing information for a few extra minutes, it will increase the amount of information retained for later. 

So when it comes time for studying for the next test, studying the information will be a review, rather than an all night cram session.

Create the habit

If at first your teen seems resistant, remind them that it is ONLY 5 minutes.  Even set a timer if that's what they prefer. 

Once your teen starts the 5 minute review, it will become a habit that will save time, energy, and hassle. 

Why the 5 minute review?

All night cramming sessions just doesn't cut it for long term learning. Any student will forget all the information they studied, if they only studied the night before. Your child needs to retain the information for the long term, because they will need the same information for future tests, like unit tests, midterms, and finals. 

Seriously! Learning is so much more than what grade your teen gets on a test. It's more important to focus on the long term learning and growth than the short term gains. 


What are the study habits of your teen or preteen? Do they only study the night before the test? Or have they already gotten in the habit of staying up very late to cram for the test? Do you wish your teen would take learning more seriously? Leave a comment below to let me know all about your child!